RO plant for Dialysis

Support for dialysis

A Dialysis unit requires an entire system to be functional. IT needs an RO plant, a storage tank, a transfer pump, UV system, filter and finally the Dialysis Unit. 

Keeping this in mind, CMF supported the installation of RO plant for Dialysis Unit at Anand Niketan, King George V Memorial, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai where a Dialysis machine was available but not operational due to absence of RO plant. CMF supported this installation making the unit fully functional and useful. 


Support to children with Hearing Impairment


The sense of hearing plays a critical role in the development of speech and language and in monitoring one’s speech. For children with hearing impairment, congenital or acquired before development of speech and language, normal speech development is interfered with.

As per the Census 2011 data, in India, around 1.26 million people suffer hearing impairment. Despite specially developed languages like ASL, deaf people are denied mainstream education in majority cases.

As a small step towards this, ChandraMohanFoundation donated Seimen’sHearing Aids to these children through the Inner Wheel – Rotary Foundation.