Masti ki Paathshaala

Masti ki Paathshaala is concept that fosters creative thinking and initiative, collaboration as against competition, diversity as against standardization, and most importantly, empathy for fellow beings. Therefore, it follows a problem-solving model, where they throw real life problems at kids. 

ChandraMohan Foundation supports Masti ki Paathshaala in taking up managing waste in a Rajasthani village called Pratapgarh. There is plenty of plastic waste in the village & surrounding villages.  In the process, there was an enormous amount of learning as well. 

CMF has supported children to document the entire process through pictures and a film where the first step was training the children through Photograpahy workshops conducted by graduates from National Institute of Design (NID)


Tribal School Project

ChandraMohan Foundation supports the Balnandanvan Nisarg Shala, Palghar, a school for tribal children. 

All the students are children of below-poverty-line migrant laborers who hail primarily from the Warli and Katkari tribes. Migrant labourers do not have permanent jobs, nor do they have a permanent home. As a result, the children never get an education and they therefore grow up and become migrant labor like their parents. It is to break this vicious cycle that this school has been set up. The school is residential, so the laborers can leave their children behind when they go in search of work. There is no fee charged to the students. The education, food, clothing everything is free of cost.

Thus, ChandraMohan Foundation supports the school through donations to continue the meaningful work done.