International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

On 15th of February, 2019, which is observed as the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, CMF visited AccessLife Centre and painted the walls with logos and slogans for fighting cancer and with fun images for the little kids and their parents to have something bright, colourful and fun to look at at the end of not-so-easy days. 

Support for Accommodation, Nutrition & Travel

Childhood cancer treatments have high rate of success with advancement in medical science. But, medical treatment needs to be supported by proper nourishment along with an infection free and cheerful environment. 

Cancer treatments in many cases last as long as 2 years. Most of these treatments are done as outpatient visits where the patients will have to visit the hospital on a regular basis. This creates a big challenge for many families that come to big cities for low or zero cost treatment. Clean safe accommodations are beyond their means running out of their savings. Living in these un-hygienic environment and not having proper nourishment, these kids start losing their battle against cancer very early in the stage leaving no option for the parents but to abondon either the child or the treatment. 

CMF, with the support of Goldensource International Private Limited, has adopted such families at Access Life that is trying to play a major role by providing the much needed logistics support to these families with a mission to minimize some of the challenges faced by these kids and their families. Access Life runs centres with a goal to provide the child and parents a clean and hygienic shelter, nutritional support, transportation to the treatment centers, and counselling with no cost to these affected families. 


A day out with the kids

To extend our support to greater level, CMF organized a one-day recreation program for paediatric cancer patients on 10th November, 2017, with support from Golden Source International Pvt. Ltd. 

CMF organized a Puppet Show, Bubbles show and magic show at the premises of Golden Source office. The employees of Golden Source International Private Limited also volunteered for this event. 

With dance, music, snacks, gifts and entertainment galore, the children and the parents had a great time, forgetting their struggles for the evening.