ChandraMohan literally means 'Beautiful like the Moon'. Much like its name, ChandraMohan Foundation envisions to bring calm and serenity to the lives touched, just like the beauty of the moon.

ChandraMohan Foundation was founded in 2001 as a Sec 25 Company under the Companies Act, 1956 with the objective of raising public environmental awareness and promoting environmentally conscious behaviour in India.   

In the year 2015, the objectives of the foundation were expanded and made more inclusive, in order to expand the areas of intervention and increase the reach.

The Foundation is certified under Sec 12A(a) as well as Sec 80(G) under the Income Tax Act, making all donations made to the foundation eligible for tax exemption.

Some of the broad objectives that the Foundation works towards are: 

• To raise public environmental sustainability awareness and to promote environmentally conscious behaviour in India

• To support, promote, and ensure health care, medical relief, water and sanitation, social welfare, rural development and slum area development, promoting gender equality, empowering women, setting up homes for women and senior citizens and promoting measures for socially and economically backward groups.

• To promote education, research, vocational education, recognized sports, skill development, to promote welfare activities for generating livelihood, employment opportunities, entrepreneurship and philanthropic activities for the welfare of the society.